Carbine is a high-end brand of commercial and residential locks that push the boundaries of locking technology and solve security problems that have dogged the industry for years.

Until Carbine, developments in mechanical locking systems had been few and far between. Even when a locksmith saw a way of improving a current series of locks, there was little desire on the part of the manufacturers to change what ‘always has been the way’.

Carbine locks are engineered for high-security and end-user convenience. Unlike other brands, they’re also designed for fast, no-fuss installation.

That’s the Carbine difference. It’s why our locks are highly regarded among reputable locksmiths and often rapidly adopted in both residential and commercial situations.

Innovation in lock design since 2002

The Carbine design team constantly pushes the boundaries and solves security problems.

For example, almost every letterbox lock in Australia is vulnerable to a simple “hack” — a single master key opens 90% of letterboxes. We developed the Carbine LBX to solve this critical vulnerability. The Carbine LBX letterbox lock is a next-generation, high-security lock that is not vulnerable to the simple master-key hack that affects most letterboxes. Instead, the Carbine LBX is a C4 keyway letterbox lock — the same pin-tumbler key system as your front door. This is far more secure than the wafer camlocks used in most letterboxes.

The design team at Carbine is committed to continuing to develop the next generation in locking. Our plans are a closely guarded secret, but when our products come to market you can rest assured they will quickly become the new standard in their category.