Carbine - Acrobat


The Carbine Acrobat is a flip bolt mortice lock that offers multiple configurations to suit aluminium and timber sliding or hinged doors, and glass hinged doors. Designed to suit the flexibility of any business with its versatile and interchangeable configurations, the two main model options are a hold back and internal deadlock version. Both models allow for multiple internal configurations such as a double cylinder, turn knob, escape turn knob, short lever, and an egress handle.

The Carbine Acrobat is perfectly suited for shop fronts, sliding doors, strata buildings including main entrance doors, office doors, entry and exit doors, showrooms, and much more.

The Carbine Acrobat has an easy to install mounting system, providing increased durability and more accurate and easier installation. Ergonomically designed with a brushed stainless-steel look to seamlessly integrate into existing door hardware or new installations, the Carbine Acrobat provides a plethora of fitting options, all in the one model.

The Carbine Acrobat takes a standard oval 570 style cylinder which allows the integration with existing mechanical or electromechanical master key systems such as EVVA 4KS or EKA CyberLock. To simplify the installation of the cylinder, the Carbine R&D team developed a retaining pin with no screws to install the cylinder, meaning no chance of damaging or losing a screw on install.

The Carbine Acrobat can be installed on metal hollow style doors with a minimum internal width of 28mm to max external width of 50mm, on timber frames with a minimum internal width of 32mm to max external width of 50mm, and on glass doors with optional patch kit.

For hollow metal doors, the Carbine Acrobat locks and latching strike come with additional mounting points for increased holding strength. Furthermore, the Carbine Acrobat can be used with an egress handle giving full Building Code of Australia and NCC Egress compliance.

To match the aesthetic design, the Carbine Acrobat contains a high-quality stainless-steel escutcheon covering the oval cylinder with a rubber insert acting as a clamp for strength. In addition, the nylon vibration resistant insert, tapered entry latching strike, anti-saw hardened pin, bolt packers for fine adjustments to the locking mechanism,

and the additional screw fixing points for added strength, were all designed as a result of direct industry feedback.