About Carbine Armadillo

All in one cylinder & hasp to replace separate hasps & padlocks

The Carbine Armadillo is a maximum-security hasp lock that is designed to suit commercial applications from securing your steel gates, containers, trailers, warehouse doors, shop fronts, truck doors, and even electrical cabinets. Structurally innovated to withstand up to two tonnes of force with a highly drill resistant hardened steel lock body, Armadillo comes in multiple product options designed to suit various lengths and angle mounts.

Regular Model

Single-Hinge Model

Double-Hinge Model


Maximise security with tonnes of force

Maximum security for any sector

Carbine Armadillo provides far greater physical security than traditional hasp, lock and staple padlock systems. Cast in alloy steel and case hardened, the Armadillo is designed to give a high resistance to bolt cutters, jemmy bars, hammers, drills and hacksaws.

Where security can withstand up to two tonnes of force


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