About Carbine CEL 3 in 1 Touchscreen Locks

Frustrated from losing your keys and changing locks?

The Carbine CEL 3 in 1 Touchscreen Locks is a digital lock offered in leverset, deadbolt and mortice variants.

It provides a keyless locking solution that allows you to give your children, tradesmen or cleaners easy secure access to your home, for when you are not there




Convenient access to your home or office

How it works

The Carbine CEL 3 in 1 Touchscreen Locks provides a keyless locking solution making for more convenient access to your home. It puts a stop to lost keys and the unnecessary lockout. There are three modes of access by way of a 4-8 digit code, RFID card/chip or NFC enabled smartphone.

Product application

The perfect access control system for your home

This product is supplied with everything you need, assembled and ready to install. The leverset and deadbolt model fits a standard 54mm lockset hole with no additional drilling required.

Access control

Grant cleaners, tradesmen or guests easy entry to your home

Multiple access option

Access your home through the touchpad, RFID card/sticker or NFC enabled Smart Phone

Lost keys?

Lost or forgotten keys are no problem with pin code access

When convenience


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