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NK2000-2 fitting template 177.43 KB DownloadPreview
NK2000-2 Digital Lockset Instructions - Archive 1.39 MB DownloadPreview
NK2000 Digital Lockset Fitting Template (2) 13.09 KB DownloadPreview
NK2000 Digital Lockset Cutout Template 50.17 KB DownloadPreview
NK2000 Digital Lockset Code Change Instructions 54.16 KB DownloadPreview
Cel RFID Digital Lock Troubleshooting V1.0_021141.39 KB DownloadPreview
Cel RFID Digital Lock Application_v1.1-021 V1.1_021200.95 KB DownloadPreview
Carbine CEL3in1 Leverset_Mortice Dimensions 94.22 KB DownloadPreview
Carbine CEL3in1 Deadbolt Dimensions 96.56 KB DownloadPreview
CEL 3in1 RFID Information 369.71 KB DownloadPreview
CEL-3IN1 Quick user guide 0.96 MB DownloadPreview
CEL-3IN1 Digital Leverset User Guide 510.07 KB DownloadPreview
CEL-3IN1 Digital Leverset Installation Guide 5.95 MB DownloadPreview
CEL-3IN1 Digital Deadbolt User Guide 386.78 KB DownloadPreview
CEL-3IN1 Digital Deadbolt Installation Guide 1.52 MB DownloadPreview
CDL7100_Spec Sheet 2.25 MB DownloadPreview
CDL7100_Digital_Lockset_Instructions 6.13 MB DownloadPreview
CDL7100-KDSC_Digital_Lockset_Instructions 1.01 MB DownloadPreview
CDL7100-KDSC Fitting Template 71.95 KB DownloadPreview
CDL7100-2SC_Installation_instructions 695.42 KB DownloadPreview
CDL7100-2SC Fitting Template 84.38 KB DownloadPreview
CDL7100 Fitting Template 146.42 KB DownloadPreview
CDL-SL8 leverset quick guide 69.98 KB DownloadPreview
CDL-SL8 leverset install instructions 3.37 MB DownloadPreview
CDL-SL8 Programming User Guide 895.74 KB DownloadPreview
CDL-SL8 Electronic Digital lock installation manual 792.00 KB DownloadPreview
CDL-DBS deadbolt quick guide 93.53 KB DownloadPreview
CDL-DBS-SN rekeying procedure 3.78 MB DownloadPreview
CDL-DBS-SN Programming Instructions 567.42 KB DownloadPreview
CDL-DBS-SN Installation Instructions 913.17 KB DownloadPreview

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All Carbine locks are developed in collaboration with some of Australia’s most talented and visionary locksmiths. It’s your guarantee of superior quality, versatility and ease-of-installation.

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