Carbine Cupboard Locks simplify design so you only need one lock for all cupboard and drawer locking applications. Carbine cupboard locks are completely modular with a changeable latch/bolt and a four-way locking direction.

Carbine Cupboard Locks standard features:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Easy to remove the cylinder by undoing three screws
  • Retrofits most common brands
  • Uses a standard 530 cylinder
  • Can be purchased in keyed-to-differ or keyed-alike
  • Supplied with a 6 pin C4 keyway, use Keyline LKW9 (Silca LW5)
  • Supplied with an additional cam for key retaining function


The new CCL-GD1 glass door kit for the Carbine CCL-1 cupboard lock.ccl-gd1-nl-ss cupboard lock

  • Suitable for single & double door glass cabinets
  • Double glass doors must have the double door plate installed
  • Utilises a Carbine CCL Cardboard lock with all its functions
  • Utilises a 530 cylinder
  • Can accept restricted systems
  • Can be installed onto 4mm to 8mm glass thickness
  • Made from high quality brush stainless steel
  • Can be installed on left & right hand opening doorsCCL-GD Instructions cupboard lock
  • Can be used to secure the door at the bottom or the top
  • Simple to install, especially with the easy to handle back plate