A heavy-duty lockable bolt designed to fit many commercial hinged and sliding doors. The Carbine heavy-duty lockable bolt has many applications for commercial hinged and sliding doors. A streamlined 38mm height allows a variety of fitting options.

Previously branded as the Lenlok lockable bolt, tooling and specifications have been upgraded to meet stringent Carbine standards. Available in both retail display packs and bulk-buy trade packs.

Carbine Lockable Bolt standard seatures:

  • Streamlined 38mm height allowing numerous fitting options
  • Reversible bolt
  • Bolt throw 35mm
  • Bolt 12mm diameter case hardened chrome plated
  • Complete pack consists of lock with cylinder, flat strike, boxed strike, fixing screws, packer, template, split pin remover and multiple cams for cylinder positioning
  • Locksmith kit available less cylinder, includes flat strike and fixing screws
  • Standard Carbine 6 pin oval cylinder, offering compatibility with security systems
  • Suits Keyline LKW9 (Silca LW5) profile
  • Concealed fixing plate available