User-changeable functions and a high-security bolt make Carbine Patio Bolts the best on the market, delivering better modular security in any patio bolt application.

Three user-changeable functions deliver flexibility that industry-standard single-mode models cannot match.


Carbine Heavy Duty Patio Bolt standard features:
Carbine Patio Bolts offer a higher level of modular security for all patio bolt
applications. Changeable functions and a high security bolt make this
product the leader in its field.

  • Easy to install
  • Retrofits for Carbine C500, Lockwood 680 and Whitco patio bolts
  • Supplied with a locksmith grade 001 inner style cylinder, easily rekeyable, use Keyline LKW9 (Silca LW5) key
  • Uses the same bolt as the C500 patio bolt
  • 9.5mm Diameter High Tensile Bolt (Hard Chrome Plated)
  • Reversible quick release bolt mechanism
  • Bolt Can Be Locked In The Open / Closed Position
  • All mounting screws are concealed
  • A high security diecast receiver is available as a spare part in each finish
  • Extended bolts of 50mm available
  • Available KA, less cylinder and display packed
  • Refer to daveweb for the full range

Heavy Duty Patio Bolt standard features:

Carbine Patio Bolt

  • Stylish design that is easy to install
  • User-changeable functionality: choice of Snap Lock, Lock Open/Lock Closed,  or Key Retained (standard models only do Snap Lock) reduces the need to hold stock
  • Uses locksmith-grade C4 Keyway C530 style cylinder
  • Easily rekeyable
  • Reversible quick-release bolt mechanism
  • Concealed mounting screws
  • Suits most aluminium and timber sliding and hinged doors
  • Suitable for left-hand and right-hand doors
  • 8mm square steel bolt
  • Trade packs available and include a heavy-duty strike
  • High-security diecast receiver available as a spare part in each finish
  • Extended bolts (50mm extension) available (Part Number CPB-750)
  • Finishes: black, bright chrome, brown, doeskin, brass, primrose, silver and white

*Keyed alike in groups KA1, KA2 & KA3

C500 Patio Bolt standard features:

C500 Patio Bolt

  • Suitable for use on sliding, inward opening and French style doors
  • Stylish design
  • Easy installation
  • Utilizes 2 different types of barrels. Our patented C4 wafer barrel allows the use of C4 5 and 6 pin keys
  • Or LF wafer barrel allowing the use of Keyline LF29S (Silca LF43R), Keyline LF16 (Silca LF6R) and GA1 keys.
  • Easily rekeyable
  • Can be supplied less barrel to allow easy choice of barrel system (see Carbine window lock barrels in the Cylinders dept for details)
  • Display pack models are only supplied with the C4 keyway
  • 9.50mm mild steel bolt, duplex nickel plated with 50.25mm bolt extension
  • Bolt can easily be removed for left or right handing
  • High quality metal internal mechanism
  • Fixing screws located under the bolt with no need for tamper proof screws
  • Zinc plated strike and countersunk screws included
  • Bolt can be locked in the open and closed position
  • 4mm packers that can stack