The Carbine Door Spring Butt Hinge is the first-ever automatically closing butt hinge. When you use a Carbine Spring Butt Hinge you don’t need to use a door closer to ensure the door closes automatically.

It’s not a spring hinge and its not a butt hinge — it’s a combination of both. This provides a wide range of applications. The tension on the spring within the hinge can be adjusted by the use of an allen key (supplied with product) placed in the top of the hinge. Once the correct tension is achieved, it is retained by a pin.

No other manufacturer of spring butt hinges in the world has previously developed this functionality this before — this is the first product that provides automatic closing on butt hinges.

Carbine Spring Butt Hinge standard features:

  • Ideal for internal situations where a door needs to remain closed but not secured, but does not substitute for a door closer
  • Sold in sizes of 75mm and 100mm
  • A sturdy hinge of 2.5mm thickness
  • Weight capacity of 38kg with 2 hinges, 50kg with 3 hinges
  • Satin chrome finish only