Carbine offers a complete range of padlocks from securing points of access to safeguarding your belongings

Carbine introduces an unrivalled range of padlocks to secure points of access and safeguard your belongings from intruders and thieves. Carbine’s R&D team have designed the Padlock range with several key features which set it apart from the competition.

Why the Carbine Padlock?

The Carbine Padlock sets itself apart by offering these distinct features:

  • Why go through the hassle of changing padlocks for a longer shackle? The Carbine Padlock offers a rapid shackle change by turning the driver. This allows your padlock to be applicable to any given situation.
  • Reversible cam to change function from a standard snap shut to key retained locking system. This provides the users with the freedom to control the presence of a key.

In addition our padlocks are offered with several metal bodies, shackle lengths and shackle protected variants. For more information on our Carbine Padlocks head over to our product range.

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Carbine’s dual system
(Rapid Shackle Change & Reversible Cam)
allows locksmiths to reduce their inventory substantially by stocking one padlock to suit both applications. Carbine’s unique Padlock range and its unique features provide end users with endless possibilities.


Rapid Shackle
Change System

Carbine’s Padlock range features a rapid shackle change system which can be utilised by turning the drive with a screwdriver. Carbine offers a wide variety of shackle lengths for all models which can be ordered separately. This allows installers and dealers to utilise our padlocks in any given circumstance, even in instances where a longer shackle is required for the padlock to close shut.



The Carbine Padlock range is also fitted with a reversible cam, allowing the padlock to change from a standard snap shut to a key retained locking system. A key retained system requires users to lock the padlock before they can remove the key, ensuring the user does not forget to lock up before leaving.

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