Carbine offers a wide variety of Padlocks, Chains, Cables, and Hasps for numerous applications. It’s all dependent on what you are trying to lock.

The Carbine Padlocks, Chains, Cables, and Hasps & Staples offer an unrivalled range of class leading products designed to secure commercial and residential applications.

Manufactured to precision with the industry accepted C series is offered in brass, steel, stainless steel, protected shackle, and brushed nickel finish brass body with a standard stainless steel shackle (45mm/50mm). Available from 45mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, and 73mm body.

The CB series offers a solid brass body with a hardened steel shackle with a precision brass pin tumbler cylinder. Designed for use in general purpose applications and comes in a 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm body

The Combination Series offers two options, the brass padlock that has up to 10,000 different combinations with a change key supplied or the luggage combination padlock with up to 1,000 different combinations and is perfect for travelling.

The Boron Alloy Chain Series is supplied with a black plastic weather resistant sleeve and come in various lengths (up to 6 metres) to suit your desired application. The Cable series is composed of high strength steel cable with a vinyl coating that is perfect for locking up bikes, gates and more. Available in 5 models for different lengths and a 4-dial combination. The Hasp & Staples series contains 10 models with different configurations to suit.

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C Series

C45 | C50 | C60 | C70 | C73

CB Series

CB20 | CB30 | CB40 | CB50

Combo Series

C383 | CC50 | CC52

Chain Series

Heavy Duty Boron Alloy

Cable Series

Steel Cable

Hasp Series

Steel Hasp and Staple
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